Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

My Methods That Helped Me Sell My House Quickly

It takes creativity and skill to sell my house quickly whenever I get ready to sell these days. As a real estate investor, I routinely buy houses to remodel and resell. This is how I make my living. Sometimes I offer owner financing to make it easier for buyers to move right into the house and purchase it directly from me without getting a bank loan. Owner financing can save time and money for both parties, and speed up the closing process to sell my house quickly.

Arranging financing for my buyers is just one thing I do to sell my house quickly. Another thing that has worked for me is offering the buyers some help getting moved in. Of course I am not responsible for helping them move, but offering a truck for them to use can be a great incentive to a buyer.

Generally, people have to rent a moving truck anyway, or impose on their friends and family to bring pickup trucks to load and haul everything. If a free moving truck is available it can actually make a difference and help me sell a house. Also, I've sold houses to people who heard about a new house their friend got that came with its own moving truck. Moving trucks have really sold houses for me in the past.

And another reasonably inexpensive idea that's worked for me in the past is sending out postcards to tenants who are living in apartment buildings in the area, inviting them to my open house. When I have a house cleaned up and ready to show to buyers, I prepare a postcard mailing so that local apartment dwellers receive it right before the end of the month. That's when they have to give notice to their landlords if they are planning to move out in a month. My postcard mailings have been really popular over the years, so it's something I try to organize whenever there are apartment complexes in the area of my house for sale.

When people receive my postcard they can stop by my open house at the date and time I specified. And if they like my house and can qualify to buy it, sometimes I offer to pay their last month's rent to encourage them to move in to my house right away. This is a very popular incentive. Locating my buyers with these techniques helps me sell my house quickly, and it helps the buyers move into a new home quickly, too.